MY Practice

Dr. Joshua Rovner of Progressive Spine Orthopedics provides both surgical and non-surgical treatment of pain of the neck and back. He has adopted a personalized and patient-focused approach which is meant to diagnose and remedy disorders associated with distress, abnormality and degenerative situations. Dr. Rovner specializes in both surgical and non-surgical treatments with special emphasis on minimally invasive techniques.
The medical staff of Progressive Spine Orthopedics is composed of experts who place the comfort of their patients at the forefront of every decision.

Kori Sheridan
Practice Manager

Kori Sheridan is dedicated to providing absolute patient satisfaction. It is her personal objective to prescribe the standards of patient care and insights since this relates to the various components of Progressive Spine and Orthopedics. Kori Sheridan is ready to answer any inquiries and concerns that patients may have.

Katrina Larsen
Medical billing Specialist

Katrina Larsen takes care of all aspects of billing and insurance claims.

Jaclyn Lichtenberger
Insurance and Eligibility Specialist

Jaclyn concentrates on all insurance-related matters. Her goal is to make sure that there is appropriate coverage for all patients of Progressive Spine and Orthopedics.

MVA and Compensation Coordinator

Laura boasts of many years of wisdom and experience in coping with a variety of concerns connected with Motor Vehicle Accidents and Worker’s Compensation. Laura is a documention expert and specializes in assisting patients throughout the process of patient claims.

Adriana Salinas
Surgical Coordinator

Adriana Salinas acts as the surgical coordinator. She is an expert in dealing with the aspects of planning for forthcoming surgeries to include all pressures and stress which patients may possibly encounter. She is ready to respond to any questions with regards to pre and post-operations care.

Patient Care Coordinator

Amanda is the patient care coordinator who manages the requirements of new patients and follows up with all appointments. She makes sure that all patient concerns are handled promptly and appropriately.

All these staff members collaborate with each other to make certain that the facility has all the capabilities to deal with the needs of patients of Progressive Spine Orthopedics. They provide Dr. Joshua Royner with the necessary support to make sure that the institute acts in accordance with prescribed medical standards in this country.